New year, new studio, new attempt at a blog post!!

So at the very end of last year I found I really had the urge to find my own space to do my illustrating. I’d been working from home, around kids, around mess and just fitting it in when I had a moment for many years. I’d definitely discovered my passion, but I’d always lacked the confidence to really demand my space. Until now.

So at the end of 2018 I started hunting around for a studio for myself. I had a picture in my mind of somewhere light and bright, not far from home so I could maximise time spent there. And definitely somewhere I could shut the door and be quiet and alone, to get the headspace to work.

Mendip Court was maybe the 3rd of 4th space I visited, and it was straight away the top of my list, it ticked all the boxes. My move in date was 8th Jan, the day all the kids went back to school.

Of course I had grand plans to be up and running the day I moved in, but a month in now I finally feel settled. I definitely feel like I’m going in rather blind, I’m still not sure how this business is supposed to look! And I seem to be fighting my imposter syndrome every day! But I’m so happy to be trying, to be designing a work life where I have room for all the people who need me, and of course to be following my passion.

I want to use this blog to be open about the ups and downs of running a business, making that work around a family, keeping motivated and focused, and sharing about where that will take me. I’d love to be able to inspire other women to also go for it, or at least give you an honest account of how it is. So much of what I do is the glamorous shot of the finished piece, here’s my chance to be real.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed my first blog! There is lots more to come I’m sure, and I’d love to share my journey with as many of you as I can. You can see my work, my process, and I promise to give you a real account of behind the scenes of an illustrating business. Til next time…. xxx

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